Year Zero Worlds

We are a server dedicated to all Year Zero Engine tabletop roleplaying games made by Free League Publishing.

Year Zero Worlds

Created: January 05, 2018

Members: 4482

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We are a server dedicated to all tabletop roleplaying games made by Free League Publishing, and specifically those built on the Year Zero Engine (YZE).nnWe foster a safe, healthy, engaging and helpful community, which gathers together game masters, players, developers, content creators and third-party publishers.nnIn this server, you can:nu2022 Discuss your favorite game(s)nu2022 Share your experience and session reports with other membersnu2022 Get advices and rules clarifications from other experimented membersnu2022 Find other players for your groupnu2022 Be notified of latest Free League’s news and Kickstartersnu2022 Advertise your streams and creationsnu2022 Get feedback on your homebrew projectsnu2022 Test the Discord roll bot Sebediusnu2022 And more!nnList of focused YZE games:n- Mutant: Year Zeron- Coriolis: The Third Horizonn- Tales From the Loop & Things From the Floodn- Forbidden Landsn- ALIEN RPGn- Vaesenn- Twilight: 2000 4En- Blade Runner RPGn- The Walking Dead Universe RPGnnOther allowed games:n- Mu00F6rk Borg / CY_BORG / Pirate Borgn- Symbaroumn- The One Ring 2En- Death In Spacen- Into the Odd Remasteredn- Dragonbane / Drakar och Demoner

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