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Yeat Discord. Official server of r/yeat. Yeat & Twizzyrich news /// Icons made by @Thercyproject @kaciigeek

Yeat Official #FREELALO

Created: April 27, 2021

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Our server is the “Official Yeat” server, a server based around America’s newest up and coming rapper, Yeat. The server is an amazing place to hangout and make new friends whilst enjoying the creative and influential sound of Yeat. This server is not just limited to Yeat, the chat loves to actively talk about all types of music and such. We also have channels for other activities such as “Creative, Producers, and Pets” The server is moderated at all times of the day leaving very little room for error within the community. We want to allow everyone to enjoy Yeat and try to keep it as friendly and non-toxic as possible which has worked fine as of recent. The Yeat server is all about thriving and trying to find more fans so we will always continue to grow no matter what, the Yeat discord will bring lots of new faces to discord I’m sure. With our dedicated staff team and you guys, discord, anything is possible for music/yeat fans all over the world.

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